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"This series keeps getting better and better. Jen's books have been a big highlight of my year, and I know I am going to keep reading everything she writes."
- Susana, Goodreads review

Find out what happens when a Kiwi girl ventures into the big city in this sexy and funny slow-burn romantic comedy about going after your dreams.

Turning thirty has a way of making you take a good, hard look at your life. And I think we all know what any sensible adult does in that situation: tequila shots. Lots of them.

It’s okay, though, because I’ve finally escaped my tiny New Zealand home town and my negative parents. And New York is better than my wildest fantasies. 

So is Michael, the sexy single dad who lives in the apartment upstairs. And he’s featuring in my fantasies more and more—even if he’s a grump and I only ever seem to make a dork of myself in front of him. Ah well, a girl can dream.

Anyway, I’ve got a writing career to build, and writing about being single is fun. If that means swearing off men for a bit, that’s fine. I can totally do that. It’s just a tiny crush. 

Besides… happily ever afters aren’t real. Are they?

Get ready for a bumpy ride of disaster dates, self-discovery, and sizzling chemistry in this friends to lovers romantic comedy about learning to trust in love, one more time.

I have three rules for dating:

1. Always be my best self
2. Don’t put out too soon
3. Stay the hell away from anyone like my ex-husband
—including liars, cheaters, guys with more looks than substance, and (especially important) bartenders

Everyone says you “just know” when you meet the one, but the only thing I know is New York men are the worst. So when Myles, the cocky, tattooed bartender at my brother’s bar starts hitting on me, it’s a hard pass, thanks. I won’t make that mistake again.

Besides, I have enough going on with my ex trying to run my vintage clothing store out of business. So what if I’d rather be selling my own designs? I have bills to pay.

But it turns out Myles is good at more than just looking sexy while pouring drinks. He knows how to save my business, and that’s an offer I can’t refuse. Everything else he’s offering? Not interested—not in the slightest. Not even if he could be the best mistake I ever make…

Join an anxious bookworm as she lets her alter ego call the shots in this steamy romantic comedy about finding the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

I keep my nose stuck in a book where things are safe. But after a night out with friends, it becomes painfully obvious that while I've lived a million lives between the pages, I’ve never had an adventure of my own. 

So when my sister asks me to fly to New York for her wedding, I decide to become Harriet 2.0: a bold, outgoing version of myself. Who knew this little experiment would initiate me into the mile high club?


Except, Luke isn't just the tall, sexy stranger in the middle seat with a devastating smile and gorgeous forearms. He's here in New York, and he’s totally off-limits.


When I learn that he’s a gamer who gets all my nerdy references, I can’t stay away—even if it might jeopardize my sister’s wedding. With my time in New York running out, I find myself wanting to do the most outrageous thing of all: take a chance on love

Follow an animal-loving bartender and her hot, protective boss as they finally give into the attraction between them in this emotional and steamy romantic comedy about healing the past to let love in.


I didn’t plan to fall in love with my boss. Cory Porter is six-foot-six of muscle and I fell for him the day he gave me a job in his bar. Too bad he’s twelve years older than me and treats me like a little sister.

Anyway, I’ve got other things to worry about–like saving my favorite animal shelter and fostering an anxious pup called Pretzel. The only problem is, I’m not allowed to have dogs in my apartment…


I shouldn’t have suggested Josie and Pretzel stay at my place. I’ve been fighting feelings for that woman for five years. She’s too young, too much my employee, and way too sweet for a guy like me.

But the more time we spend under one roof, the harder it gets to keep my hands off her–especially when she’s bent over on her yoga mat in our living room. Can’t a guy catch a break?

I know it’s selfish of me to act on this. I’m a committed bachelor like my father and will only end up hurting her. But now that I’ve let Josie in, can I become the man she deserves?

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